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Best casino in the Netherlands is a Kolenik design

Jack’s Casino in Oostzaan, whose prized interior was designed by Kolenik, has been awarded the title of best gambling house in the Netherlands

The most striking elements of the rich interior – which exudes a warm, luxurious air thanks to the use of a wealth of gold shades – are the stunning staircase centrally positioned in the main space, and the organ pipes used as decoration on the wall. The many shades of red in the carpet are also greatly appreciated by the client. On their website, Jack’s Casino describes the interior design as ‘a luxurious living room’. Kolenik’s design is living proof that an attractive design does not preclude a high degree of functionality; the casino is the only one in the Netherlands to have a 5-star rating, thanks to its extensive array of games and top-quality range of facilities.

Moreover, the complex in Oostzaan is not the first Casino project in which Kolenik has been involved; the designer previously supplied the entire interior design for De Brug, the most successful branch of the Jack’s Casino chain.