Chairs4Charity – Battle of the Chef’s chair

Four famous chefs to be embroiled in an epic battle to create the most gorgeous chair for charity. Robert Kolenik will be helping the chefs involved in Chairs4Chairity to create their very own chair design that will match their personality and taste.

Jonnie and Therese de Boer of De Librije from Zwolle, Jan Jacob Boerma of De Leest from Vaassen, TV chef Herman den Blijker and Topchef’s Robert Kranenborg will be the kitchen celebrities that Kolenik will help to make their own signature chair. After creating a prototype of the chair design the second round begins with the chefs setting forth to promote and sell their creation. This is an important phase for Chairs4Chairity since all the proceeds from the sales will go to a charity of each chef’s choice. At the Chairs4Chairity gala the chef that has raised the most money for the charity of their choice, is crowned the winner.