Our Eco Chic trademark communicates we feel passionate about our world. We’re judicious about the materials we work with and we endorse durable, long-lasting design. We also support sustainable projects that help children develop in all aspects of education, information, nutrition, good health and sport.

Children are the future.
Children have the key to a better world.

Chairs4Charity is the epitome of a sustainable project we love to be involved in – a project that generates funds for charities focusing on child development. For The Battle Of The Chairs I helped four top chefs design their own bespoke chair, the reproductions will be sold later to raise funds to support five different charities the chefs and I were allowed to choose. I selected the charity Plastic Soup. Click here to visit the Chairs4Charity website.


Plastic Soup is a Dutch initiative set up to battle the huge amount of plastic garbage that is asphyxiating our oceans. On average at least 12,000 tons of plastic are dumped in our seas every single day. This garbage forms an invisible but extremely harmful ‘soup’ damaging the deep oceans’ fragile life and eco-system.
I am co-founder of Plastic Soup Foundation Junior. I helped set up this charity as children, nowadays, feel passionately committed to the environment and its well-being. During last year’s Day Of Sustainability, I visited a school in The Hague, together with princess Margriet, to discuss the concepts of ecology, preservation, conservation and environmental due diligence.

I took with me a chair designed mostly from recycled plastic extracted from Plastic Soup. All the children were deeply fascinated and desperate to learn more.