Fireplace Ideas

A design fireplace is a key feature of Robert Kolenik’s interiors. ‘A fireplace adds a sense of luxury. Not only to a sitting room, but also to a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.’

 ‘A fireplace invites you to relax, slow things down and enjoy the space even more’, Kolenik explains. He mostly designs bespoke fireplaces. ‘Every house is different. Not only because of the architecture, but also because of the client’s wishes and needs.’ For every interior, the interior designer sketches out suitable fireplace ideas. ‘There are so many options in terms of technical specifications, shapes and functions. Personally, I would opt for a gas fireplace, because it is so user-friendly. But I also fully understand clients that want a real fireplace. A fireplace conjures up fond memories for many people.’

After a discussion with the clients, Kolenik makes a list of their wishes and develops a number of design ideas. For his interior designs, Kolenik often uses Boley fireplaces. ‘Boley is the Mercedes of design fireplaces. A Boley offers you the feel of a real wood fireplace, but with the ease of use of a gas fireplace. This gives you the best of both worlds.’

Interior advice

In every space, a fireplace has a different function and finish. In the sitting room, the fireplace can be a focal point, with seating and lounging areas set around it. ‘Is there a beautiful view out of the window? When sketching out fireplace ideas for rooms like this, I ensure that the flue runs out through the floor. Normally, you would have a chimney above the fireplace with the flue running up inside it. But the chimney can block the view. Integrating the flue into the floor solves the problem and gives you an unhindered view outside.’

Unusual finishes

Having selected the system – gas or natural flames – Kolenik chooses the design. For fireplace designs, Kolenik looks for distinctive shapes and materials. ‘With the gas fireplace system, the options are endless. Finishes can range from beautiful dark cork or leather, to materials such as wood, marble or unusual plasterwork. By fitting a protected non-fume return system, gas fireplaces may also be installed in a mechanically ventilated environment. ‘Such as rooms with air con or warm air heating. A full installation inspection means that the system is even approved for public facilities like hotels, restaurants and government buildings.’

Design categories