Home wellness design

For the ultimate in relaxation, you no longer need to leave home to go to the spa. This is especially true if your spa design exceeds your wildest dreams. And with Robert Kolenik, you’re in safe hands.

Robert Kolenik believes that a home spa is an essential part of an interior in which comfort and luxury play starring roles. ‘With our rushed lifestyles and busy diaries, relaxation has almost become a necessity. A spa that focuses on relaxing all the senses keeps the body healthy and sharpens the mind. And a wellness design should smartly feed into this. Options include a swimming pool, design fireplace with sauna, whirlpool and gym, plus the addition of images and sounds. Kolenik believes that a high quality spa interior design is all down to the technical details. These make using the spa as comfortable and efficient as possible. ‘For example, you can use the energy from the spa to heat the swimming pool, so you don’t need to heat it continuously.’

The interior designer advises clients who love beautiful materials to use glass in unexpected places in the spa. ‘Such as in the bottom of the swimming pool or in a wall. This creates a window through into another space, which is an eye-catcher in itself. A moveable floor can be handy if space is limited. This allows you to use the pool whenever you want (and the floor can be hydraulically lowered using domotics). It also means that you can adjust the depth of the swimming pool, which is useful for very young children. The key is to shape the design so that the spa does not seem functional and clean. Instead it should tempt you to use it regularly and should chime with your personal style.

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