Kitchen Design

Anyone in search of innovative kitchen ideas should take a look at Robert Kolenik’s latest masterpiece: the ‘Ocean’ Kitchen. The impassioned interior designer found inspiration for this kitchen design in the aquarium.

Kolenik worked out this kitchen design by positioning a worktop on top of the aquarium. This can be raised hydraulically with a simple push of a button. As well as being a unique design object, this kitchen concept is also highly functional. It may look like an oversized aquarium, but its ingenious L-shape also provides space for cabinets and equipment. There is also a state-of-the-art feeding system and an advanced filter system. This means that the aquarium only needs to be cleaned and stocked with food once a month.

The constant movement of the carefully chosen fish makes for a highly restful design. It also invites you to keep on looking and enjoying.

The Ocean kitchen is made to measure in a limited edition and is available through Van Boven Exclusieve Keukens and through the luxury platform VidaReal.

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