HQ Villa Kolenik

Our brand-new Kolenik showroom

Great news to end the year with: we finished the design of our new showroom! The space, a villa on the outskirts of Amsterdam, will be self-reliant, making use of advanced technology and keen design solutions that we hope will satisfy the senses, educate about green housing solutions, and inspire to live with nature.

‘The build marks a new phase for our design studio,’ says Robert Kolenik. I’m proud we are making this next step. Together with our partners, we will think, advice and design from a spectacular, high-quality living environment where the indoors and outdoors are intrinsically connected. I cannot wait to see the designs that will merge from that unique set-up.’

Fully self-sufficient, the inviting showroom shows innovative, sustainable solutions for air purification, power supply, clean drinking water and high-tech cultivation of veggies and fruits. ‘It’s a unique combination of a breeding ground and testbed for the latest tech applications that help us to connect with, and take more care of the natural world we are living in. And it’s a place where you can first-hand experience our signature interiors. You can see, feel, and sense what specific choices on paper mean for the experience of a space. Working from a residential environment will allows us to playfully experiment and develop the most interesting colour and texture combinations.

Special attention goes to the garden, designed by garden architect Erik van Gelder. ‘It’s a natural continuation of the interior vibe, expressed through a luxurious blend of contrasts and subtle accents. The interior and exterior enhance each other.’

We look forward to welcoming you there in 2023