New casino design for Jack’s Casino

Casino design for Oostzaan by Robert Kolenik.

Robert Kolenik is designing the entire interior concept for the new branch of Jack’s Casino in Oostzaan, from a majestic entrance to sophisticated games rooms. The casino is located beneath the new Van der Valk Hotel.

Since agreeing to collaborate with Jack’s Casino at the end of last year, Kolenik has been busy providing interior advice. There are some key differences between this casino design and some other projects that Kolenik has implemented, the interior designer explains. “Gaming rooms feature a great deal of red and gold, as opposed to the earthy colours with which I generally work. My aim is to offer a Kolenik signature within the Jack’s Casino brand identity.”

One of the most striking things about the project in this North Holland town is the building’s entrance, where Kolenik has placed an illuminated eye-catcher made up of 10,000 golden pipes in the wall. This creates a strong design feel and a sense of luxury. In combination with the indirectly lit steps, it gives the casino a truly theatrical allure”, says the interior designer.

The Oostzaan casino is not the first casino design that Kolenik has undertaken. The designer previously designed the entire interior of Jack’s Casino in the bridge over the A4 near Hoofddorp. The venue has since become the most successful in the whole chain.