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The Pompeblêd – Home office

Frisia is a wild and natural place – an interplay of water, wind and land

In this unique interior by Kolenik – a 120-square-metre home office in Frisia – all these archetypically Frisian elements come together. Starting with the large desks whose tops overlap and together form a large pompeblêd (the contours of a lily pad; the national symbol of this northern province). The conference table of the same design is illuminated by a Kolenik lamp which has been fashioned from a myriad of fibreglass tubes. The choice of material has a highly personal link to the client; the owner of the office is an entrepreneur in the fibreglass industry.


The biggest challenge was a sewer pipe that ran through the centre of the space. Kolenik concealed the pipe using a curved wall clad with thousands of shells. The special partition creates good acoustics. And talking of acoustics, the space’s sound system, which comprises a bass box in the wall and multiple speakers in the ceiling, is fully recessed and thus does not interrupt the flow of the office design.


In every workspace, there is cause for celebration from time to time. To this end, a unique walnut bar has been designed for one corner of the space, featuring an integrated wine cabinet in the middle of the rear wall for storing wine at the correct temperature. The accompanying mustard-yellow stools are by fellow designer Piet Boon.

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