New finished private residence

A recent example of eco chic can be seen in the monumental villa in the south of Holland. The serene atmosphere of materials like wood and leather give a peaceful feeling of coming home. This big living is dominated by a stairway like we know from castles. As a soft tapestry in wood it unfolds itself into the room. In the kitchen area a splendid bar in rock crystal becomes a breath taking eye catcher as it is illuminated. In the living itself Kolenik designed a special fire that seems to float and which divides the room in a very natural way.

The theatrical feeling increases with the stairs, now as a central monument in the room, with bending the walls that high above split up in two symmetrical parts. The wooden steps make a very interesting contrast with the dark tiled floor in leather look, which makes a natural link with the rich leather furniture that invites to sit down.

Taking the beautiful stairs brings us to the master bedroom and bathroom with stunning make up table. In the bathroom cupboard, we integrated the toilet in eucalyptus wood. The door handles in leather underline the soft feeling of the room and of the whole surroundings. Like in nature itself, the combination of serene and special effects of lighting will never create a dull moment and will assure to keep the owners happy.