Private residence in progress

Last Friday we presented out latest villa project to our client in Belgium. They own a seven years old, beautiful and modern villa with a lot of windows and natural light. All rooms received great attention to make the most of it: chic en serene. The hall gained an extra touch from Henrique Oliveira’s art. His artwork of a huge twisted tree trunk will connect the floor and ceiling.

Robert has been approached to design the interior of this villa after we presented our passion for interior design to our southern neighbors at the Interior Biennale 2012 in Kortrijk. We were able show these renders and a 3D model to our client before Christmas as the construction was planned in January. We are very happy and proud to give you a preview through this newsletter. This modern villa with its surprising interior is worth sharing.

The kitchen cabinets are made from barn wood. This wood comes from old shacks in Canada that are broken down for recycling. It’s very old and touched by nature and has a special greyish look. In the middle of the kitchen we applied a big light grey rock. This is the cooking area and bar in one. Subzero finished it off with the kitchen equipment including a wine cabinet.

In the living room lays a rich carpet on the floor, which is custom, made in both size and design. Made from the fast growing fibers of bamboo it has a reduced impact on nature compared to synthetic carpets.

The master bedroom is kept clear and luxurious. It connects to the bathroom where a bathtub from Antonio Lupi has been placed. An additional fireplace next to the bath and sauna adds something coziness, something northern, and definitely let this bathroom rise from conventional design. Two walk-in closets, one for her and one for him, giving privacy and enough place to neat and orderly store all clothing and shoes.