Monumental apartment

Interior designer Robert Kolenik pulls out all the stops with renovation of monumental apartment

With three hundred square metres of floor space and monumental heights of some four metres, the apartment to be renovated could certainly accommodate some ‘grand gestures’, its young owner and Robert Kolenik decided.

Robert Kolenik: “I particularly enjoy renovations. Anyone familiar with my Eco Chic design style will know that I love creating perfectly fitting designs with materials for life. If you are able to achieve this in a large, old building in which sizes need to be upscaled and where there is no precise ‘fit’, this gives you an extra kick. You renovate with an eye to retaining the soul of the building and add some contemporary comfort.”

One of Robert Kolenik’s standout touches was to design a two-metre wide vertical pivot door himself. Kolenik: “It almost became a moveable wall, linking the master bedroom to the bathroom.” To finish the walls, Kolenik opted for Tundra, a charcoal-coloured, cement-based plaster that he used in tile form with solid brass strips. Kolenik: “The material is largely made up of natural components, and the brass strips create a super chic effect.”

Another giant piece used in the renovation was the eleven-metre long Kabinet cupboard that runs from the master bedroom into the separate dressing room. Kolenik: “There’s no doubt that this is a statement. A cabinet wall set seamlessly into the wall creates a peaceful atmosphere in a room.” Just like other Kolenik Collections, Kabinet carries the Eco Chic Awareness Label, which means that the entire modular cupboard system is ecologically constructed. Kolenik: “One component that we incorporate is Ecoboard, an environmentally friendly alternative to the commonly-used MDF. And we designed the semi-transparent Solar Onyx insert cupboard. Its recycled solar panel glass has the looks of pure white onyx but is sustainable. It is perfect for displaying your watches or jewellery. Especially with the warm LED lighting that illuminates everything from beneath.”

There is also a significant amount of artwork in the monumental apartment. Kolenik: “This was one of the client’s key requirements. You mainly see line art by Maja Krstic and abstract work by Ming. It lends the apartment an eclectic allure, with which the client feels very much at home.”

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