Room of the Future


‘One of today’s greatest pitfalls is that we are too heavily focused on the future. I believe in the power of the here and now.’

Is there a contradiction here? ‘That’s only superficially true. Anyone designing now needs to think of the future. Sustainable design is becoming the new standard.’ And that is exactly what Kolenik has already been doing for years with his ECO CHIC: a warm, luxurious design style with the cradle-to-cradle principle as its sustainable starting point.

Now more than ever, because of the huge amounts of stimuli with which we are bombarded every day, our home needs to include spaces in which we can find rest. Spaces that are stripped of stimuli. In my experience, only then are you free to experience the power of the here and now.’

In the Room of the Future, we demonstrate – together with our partners – how interior and innovative techniques can underpin our health. From green walls in the living room that filter out fine particles from the air by Green Art Solutions, to a hypoallergenic bed that maintains a constant temperature and enables you to sleep more deeply, known as FreshBed. From the ultimate wellness experience by 4SeasonsSpa to an integral approach to lighting, audio, video and home automation: our private butler hologram welcomes you and controls the entire house powered by Bower & WilkinsMorelight and Studio Rublek.

And, crucially: everything is user-friendly, logical and intuitive. Technology should be there to serve people, and this is apparent in the partners I work with. In this way, your house helps you to spend the often scarce free time that you have as relaxedly and comfortably as possible.

This is something you do for yourself, for your family. Not out of a desire to be showy.


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