• Interior designer Robert Kolenik created the entire hotel interior design for the Fletcher hotel in Amsterdam in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects.
  • The Fletcher Amsterdam design hotel with its illuminated alabaster reception desk in the hotel lounge.
  • An indirectly-lit alabaster coffee bar gives this hotel design an international feel.
  • hotelroom design of the fletcher design hotel in amsterdam
  • Life Fitness equipment in the luxury design hotel gives an all-round feeling of wellness.
  • Wine climate cabinets and luxury walnut folding doors offer a view through into the sky bar of Amsterdam's Fletcher design hotel.
  • whaletone piano in the sky bar of the Fletcher design hotel in Amsterdam
  • The sky bar in Amsterdam's Fletcher hotel, with Rolf Benz sofas, unusual wall finishes and natural grey tones that are carried through into the restaurant design.
  • At sunset, the sky bar’s hospitality design provides the ultimate backdrop for a drink or dinner.
  • Dream chandelier seen from the luxurious sky restaurant, with a view of the bar below.
  • A lava stone wall finish is part of the unusual hospitality design of this Amsterdam design hotel.

Unusual accommodation in Circular hotel

The round shape of the new Fletcher Hotel brought some interesting challenges when it came to the interior design. Rising design star Robert Kolenik (31) signed for the inspiring design. He is known for his use of natural, unique and honest materials that also radiate luxury and minimalism.

For Fletcher Hotels it’s the first time they constructed a complete new building in Amsterdam. Because of its shape, Kolenik had to deal with awkward spaces. “There were a couple of time we really had a big fight with the spaces, but we managed to come up with playful solutions,” the designer says.

Kolenik included the vision of the architects in the interior. The interior and furniture designer agrees that the building is remarkably surprising. “Everybody has an opinion about the blue building right next to the A2. The element of surprise comes back in the interior by using mainly round objects.” The blue colours of the hotel do not come back in the interior. “I wanted to make the inside warm, homely and timeless,” says Robert Kolenik.

Eco Chic
The decor of the hotel is inspired by Kolenik’s own Eco Chic signature. “Eco Chic is aimed at durability. Besides homeliness, warmth and sustainability it also stands for minimalism and chic.” For example: Kolenik uses ‘Eco board’. This board is made out of agricultural waste with natural resin. You can think of all the materials that normally would end up on the compost heap: wheat fibre, straw and already picked tomatoes plants. Eco board is biodegradable and is used to produce the couches in the new Fletcher hotel.

1500-kilogram chandelier.
“I want people to feel the warmth and homeliness of Eco Chic when they enter the hotel. I am the most proud of the Sky lounge and the Sky restaurant Pi.” The round form of the bar and the restaurant are good reflection of the vision of the architects. The lounge is the home of one of the largest chandeliers in the world: “The Dream”. It is four meters high, nine meters wide and weighs a staggering 1500-kilo’s. It is made of bronze grey glass bulbs, which were hand-blown and put together on location.

TV Tree in the bedrooms
The flat screen TV’s in the hotel rooms are hung up in a tree since it was not allowed to put screws in the outer wall, Kolenik came up with the idea to use trees for this. “I went into the forest with a forester. For the shape I looked for a tree that could be anchored in the floor with its trunk and with its branches in the ceiling. I found the perfect tree in the Amsterdam Bos. This tree became the model for the ones we used in each of the 120 rooms. They have a metal core for sturdiness and to hide the cables away. Piano in the shape of a whale Besides the huge chandelier in Sky restaurant the great piano is also a grand focus point. This piano is the largest in the world and is shaped like a whale. The piano is made entirely of sustainable materials (no ivory keys). A part of the proceeds of these pianos is used to protect these magnificent sea creatures.

Happy chickens
The feathers of the down comforters derive from organic chickens: happy chickens. The pillows on the beds are filled with soy-based foam. Not the standard polluting oil based foam. Even the elevator has sustainable elements. Kolenik: “For one wall in the elevator we used recycled aluminium with gas injected causing a sparkling silver bubble structure. Come and check it out!”