Residential Glory

Creating a Welcoming Family Home

The goal was to create a spacious family home that maintains intimacy and comfort. Robert Kolenik’s client requested a design that blends sustainable features with luxurious living.

Sustainable Design Elements

The apartment boasts numerous sustainable features, including upcycled solar panels for the worktop and a custom-designed, U-shaped walk-in closet with walnut-finished doors made from recycled materials. Nature inspired the design, evident in the playful use of natural materials and the walls’ subtle colors, which change with the time of day.

Cozy and Connected Spaces

A centrally positioned fireplace connects the dining and lounge areas, enhancing the space’s warmth and cohesion. Luxurious living extends to the roof terrace, featuring an outdoor kitchen, cinema, and lounge area, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings and entertaining.

Rooftop Beehive

The rooftop even supports local wildlife, with a beehive for bees from the nearby park.Discover Robert Kolenik’s design of a spacious yet intimate family home featuring sustainable elements, a cozy fireplace, and a luxurious roof terrace with an outdoor kitchen and beehive

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