• new kolenik team members

Business growth

This season, three new team members have been taken on to shore up Kolenik Eco Chic Design’s expansion. Guido Pen has joined the company to focus on project management and maintain active contact with clients. In recent years, Guido has gained a great deal of experience in lighting for residential and hotel projects. We simply couldn’t let our colleague Katarina Dajcman go after she completed her internship at Kolenik. As assistant designer, she is now managing the company’s design team. Minji Han, who has trained as a product designer and interior designer, also added a great deal of value during her internship, and is now supporting the design team. Her broad-based background has proved invaluable in this role.

Having expanded his company, Robert Kolenik also saw his family expand at the beginning of this year: on 1 January his beautiful first child Luka Lav was born.