Modern furniture Collection

‘Sometimes for an interior design, I am unable to find the modern furniture that I am looking for. When this happens, I design it myself. This could be anything from a chandelier and design lamps to contemporary design furniture.’ All designs are sustainably produced. ‘That’s an important condition for me.’

‘It’s when you design things yourself that you achieve the most. Both in terms of shape, materials and finish,’ Robert Kolenik explains. ‘I work on the design until I find the perfect fit for that specific interior design project.’ The idea is not really to create a stand-alone collection. Bespoke designs are incorporated to allow Kolenik to achieve the optimal result for each interior design project. ‘As I like to work sustainably, I always seek out an ecological way to produce things. This already begins with the choice of materials.’ A good example of this is the Proud sofa collection.

Stand-alone design collection

What can the interior designer Robert Kolenik tell us about the ecological way in which his Proud collection is produced? ‘First of all, the basic shape, the sofa frame, is made of Ecoboard. This is a fibre panel made of agricultural residues such as tomato plants and grain stalks. These fibres are pressed together with natural resins to create a high-quality panel. The interesting thing is that this panel scores higher than traditional MDF panels for its water-resistance and screw-holding capacity.’ Having created the basic shape, Kolenik decides what cushions are to used for the sofas. ‘We have these made from soya foam and we fill the cushions with feathers taken from organic chickens.’ The Proud sofa can be used in a range of different interiors, because there is a huge choice of upholstery fabrics. Kolenik explains: ‘And because we also want the bench to be sustainable to use, most of the fabrics are (dirt and) water resistant.’

A selection of the modern design furniture collection is sold exclusively online through Vida Real.