Home design

When it comes to home design, Robert Kolenik draws inspiration from nature. ‘Nature is always in balance, which relaxes you straight away.’ Add a touch of refined luxury to this experience and you’ll be stepping inside an interior created by the impassioned, stylish interior designer.

An interior by Robert Kolenik’s is both elegant and extremely comfortable. ‘That’s because we always base our home designs around functionality. Clients’ way of life, habits and desires are the basis for every interior design. Next, we breathe life into a home design. Shapes, materials and finishes on walls, furniture, doors and other objects are all part of this. There are endless options, so all clients get an interior that reflects their personality, or dream identity.’

Many items are made to measure or specially selected. ‘From the routing in the home to the layout and furniture, as well as details such as doors.’ As well as the client’s wishes, the home’s architecture is another key starting point. Kolenik creates interior designs for existing homes like villas, lofts and country estates. But he also creates house designs himself, either with his own team, or working closely with an architect. He has an international portfolio of clients.