Door Design

Door design has long evolved beyond the merely functional. These days, doors are designed to be seen. A door might serve as a theatrical entrance, or simply an elegant element that fits seamlessly into an interior. 

When shaping an interior, the interior designer Robert Kolenik always focuses strongly on the detailing. Doors are key details and can make or break an interior. Kolenik explains: ‘Just like an interior, a door can have various different identities. Designer doors can range from sturdy and industrial to classic or minimalistic. The choice of materials and colours and the various technical elements that can be incorporated very much determine the mood.’


Many of the designer doors used by Kolenik are custom made, and are thus specifically created for a single interior. Should a door be inviting or should it actually offer privacy or protection, like a bedroom door, for example? On the other hand, no one wants to feel as though they are sleeping in a sealed fortress. Is a door no more than a transparent partition between two spaces or does it demarcate a clear boundary? These are all questions that have to be answered and which provide the starting point for a luxury door design.

Eye-catching materials

The choice of material is key when creating a signature for design doors. Eye-catching finishes include leather, suede or an unusual type of wood. Bespoke sliding systems are also designed. Kolenik explains: ‘When thinking about door ideas, we also consider carefully which door we want to use for which purpose. For example, a folding door always has a gap around it. This type of door design is therefore less suitable for blocking out sound. It is, however, an excellent way of making a grand, inviting gesture that cries out: welcome!’


Robert Kolenik’s doors are often hand made, have attractive countersunk hinges and are equipped with a magnetic closing device. This means that no strike plate is required on the door frame. The door blends seamlessly into the interior, just as the door forms an integral part of a luxury car’s design. ‘I love tall doors. You can use them to accentuate the height of a space. In a corridor, it is ideal to have all the doors positioned at the same height, regardless of whether they open inwards or outwards. We believe that these kinds of details should be an integral part of every interior design.’



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