Forest view home design

In 2011, Robert Kolenik was invited to present his vision of interior design during the Excellent Wonen & Leven Beurs (a home and interior trade fair). The interior designer’s focus on the innovative use of rich, natural materials left visitors wanting more.

Kolenik’s ambition was to create a true lifestyle experience, so he came up with the ultimate interior. It featured all the elements that you’d wish to find in your dream villa or apartment. From the sitting room to the kitchen. From a bedroom with a walk-in closet to a bathroom with luxury spa facilities that invite you to relax. The interior designer enhanced the interior by placing stylish eye-catchers in unexpected places. These included earthy artworks in the bathroom and a luxurious chandelier in the kitchen.

Warm atmosphere

The first thing visitors to the Excellent Wonen & Leven Beurs discovered was the modern, minimalist kitchen. A design by Kolenik in partnership with Arc Linea. To create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, the designer chose an oak floor and taupe tints. The kitchen gradually changes into a sitting area. Only a dining table creates a partition between the two spaces. This is a comfortable spot where eight people can dine beneath the beautiful chandelier taken from the designer’s Dream collection. As well as lamps, Kolenik also designs other pieces of modern furniture. One of his pieces can be found in the sitting area: the Proud sofa. But he also makes combinations with other brands. ‘It’s usually when I am unable to find what I’m looking for an interior design that I design my own pieces.’ A great example of a non-own brand with which Kolenik collaborates is Barn in the City. Just like Kolenik, these Dutch designers prefer to use natural materials. For example, their City dining table is fashioned from wooden planks taken from old Canadian barns. The table is covered with epoxy, which creates a luxurious feel.

Comfort through innovation

What makes a sitting room into a place where you love to spend time? A comfortable sofa, a television and a fireplace that you can stare at for hours. Yet a television is not something that you need to see all day long. ‘That’s why I’ve come up with a living room design in which the fireplace and TV can be combined. At the touch of a button, the TV disappears into the TV and fireplace unit. The flue runs out via the floor, which gives you an uninterrupted view outside.’ The master bedroom has all kinds of wellness features, giving it the feel of a luxury hotel suite. ‘I also bore this in mind when choosing the materials.’

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