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  • restaurant brandson Maastricht
  • restaurant brandson Maastricht

Brandsøn Maastricht

One could say that the city of Maastricht is the Dutch capital of epicurean delights, as shown by an abundance of quality eateries and noteworthy restaurants. It motivated entrepreneur Roel Rutten to add a slightly distinctive restaurant to the taste menu. A venue that operates on many complementary levels: read drinks and shared dining, fine dining and private dining. At Brandsøn, one can just as easily gather for a casual after-work drink as organize a dressed up private dining event.

Before Brandsøn, the Chamber of Commerce resided in the iconic building with its significant location. Not only because of the central position in the old part of town, next to the river Maas (Meuse). It was here in Maastricht that the Mosasaurus was found — hence the welcoming prehistoric ‘Maas’lizard in the logo.

The client wished for an inviting and luxurious ambiance for his new venue. A space that doesn’t put off; that’s easily approachable for newcomers and passers-by. Kolenik translated this into a smart blend of timeless chic elements that ooze homey feel.

Entering the establishment, a generous curved-shape bar wows its guests. It’s the perfect spot to have a drink, the shape naturally supporting social interaction. The fine dining area, intentionally placed at the rear end of the restaurant, has a more Scandinavian feel to it. Clean yet warm and surprisingly cosy, it’s a place many would love to call home — thanks to a blend of more quiet natural hues, warmer colours, and rich, real materials such as wood, stone, bronze and leather. Vintage furniture further enhances the feeling of being at home.

Almost everything in the project was made to measure, including the lighting and, coloured toilets (ever peed on a golden toilet?!) What’s more, each toilet is also different in terms of design. In the private dining area, the leafy wallpaper (based on leaves from the Ginkgo tree, which is considered a living fossil with a botanical history spanning more than 200 million years) created by artist Hilde Trip is a fascinating nod to the city’s rich history.





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