• 'Dream' chandelier hangs above 'b'oom' design table, with a diptych artwork on the wall featuring unusual stucco work.
  • Seating area with Alphenberg leather upholstery set in front of a living wall, with a white design conference table in the foreground.
  • Luxurious boardroom design with an interior whose use of colour and walnut details are inspired by the natural world.
  • The boardroom design is based on the space’s dual function as both a private dining area and a meeting room.

Boardroom design

Robert Kolenik’s partnership with the international lighting expert Maretti has resulted in a tailor made boardroom design.

Maretti and Kolenik collaborate to develop stylish lighting, such as the Shell and Dream chandeliers. Their partnership has also led to an alluring boardroom design for Maretti’s headquarters in Almere.

High standards

Every day, architects, interior designers and stylists visit Maretti. All are looking for the perfect lighting for their projects. They are a highly critical target audience who value quality and have high standards in terms of form and function.

Kolenik embraced this interior design challenge and focused on creating an inviting boardroom design. It features surprise elements designed to create talking points. Kolenik explains: ‘A lighting expert likes to discuss his clients’ projects. To go through their wishes, their questions and the different options. It’s great to be able to break the ice quickly. This way, the client experiences the desired level of service straight away.’


Kolenik and his team designed a fully equipped, multifunctional space. The space would also work well as a luxury home office. A number of small additions could even transform it into a compact working and living space for a busy professional in a world city. True to his signature, Kolenik also included luxurious natural materials in the design. These create a refined, inviting interior. The key eye-catcher in the boardroom is the unique aquarium, which is part of the kitchen. This is one of the interior designer’s signature pieces – The Ocean Kitchen. The intelligent L-shaped aquarium could also be used in a hospitality design as a bar or reception desk. It discretely offers a large amount of storage space. This state-of-the-art masterpiece is available in a limited edition and can be made to measure.

Commercial design