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Villa Grand Cayman

Kolenik Completes Caribbean Villa Project

Step inside an inspiring, year-round family home in the Cayman Islands. Every detail of this dream residence reflects radical care and conscious luxury.

A Dutch-Canadian couple, driven by their growing kids and a desire to live sustainably, built their dream life in Grand Cayman. The villa’s design mirrors their lifestyle and values, blending conscious choices with high-end finishes and respect for the local community.

Breathtaking Location and Design

Situated in a unique spot, this villa is a paradise. The ocean, lush vegetation, and open skies create a dreamlike living experience. “Living here is genuinely living the dream,” says designer Robert Kolenik, who supervised the project remotely due to travel restrictions during the pandemic.

Stunning Features

The main attraction is the infinity pool merging visually with the emerald waters. From the living room, featuring the impressive Flylight sculpture by Dutch Studio Drift, you overlook this stunning pool and a rare private beach. Other notable features include a kids’ crafts room, Pilates room, wellness area, and outdoor plunge pool. The design ensures outdoor enjoyment any time of day.

Modern Comfort and Sustainability

The villa integrates modern technology to enhance comfort and sustainability. Energy-efficient solutions and hurricane-proof windows are key features. The doors, made from 150-year-old reclaimed timber from Southeast Asia, add a beautiful patina and history.

Mangroves play a crucial role in protecting the Cayman Islands’ coastline. The residents, committed to sustainability, helped purchase and preserve an area of mangroves, offsetting carbon emissions and protecting natural habitats.

Artistic Landscape Design

The landscape features indigenous plants, designed by renowned artist Margaret Barwick. She brought her expertise to the Cayman Islands in 1977 and has since established botanic gardens and the Visual Arts Society. Barwick’s designs highlight the unique attributes of trees, such as color, texture, and traditional uses.

Explore this luxurious and sustainable villa that embodies conscious living and high-end design.



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