Ibiza Talamanca

Ibiza is widely known for its rustic villas and bohemian style. In this apartment, the minimal design and generous use of glass sets sail towards a different kind of peacefulness, which Kolenik enhanced with clear design choices, iconic shapes and a consistent use of materials throughout the entire home.

A pleasant space at any time of the day asks for comfort and cohesive cues for contemplation. For the living room, Kolenik played with grey, white and taupe and black. The black and white art work above the sofa literally frames the space. A constant play between light and shadow, outdoors is an optical extension of the living area with various invitations for sharing and seating.

Merging the best of both worlds, Ibiza town’s authentic vibe has this undeniable quality of slow living where character meets quality. Kolenik’s first residential design journey on the White Island led to an inviting, luxurious family home that resonated with the personalities and needs of its residents.

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