Green Art Solutions

It looks great and it’s good for your health. Green walls have lots of advantage. Robert works together with Eduard van Vliet, founder of Green Art Solution. His company has been installing green walls for over 10 years. Robert Kolenik is with his Eco Chic the Dutch designer that integrates nature and technology that’s why he puts Green Art Solutions in the spotlights.

Based on the size of the wall and purpose of use, Green Art Solution will calculate what system fits best. They offer different systems to ionize the air and to improve the indoor climate both physical and mental through unionization. Ionization is the freshness lots of people experience in the air after a heavy thunderstorm. Green walls will give the same kind of refreshment because of this ionization process, but how does it work? Here comes the technical story; behind the wall is a magnetic field from iron. This field will change a positive ion into a negative one. These negative ions attract harmful dust and germs. A green wall will take them out of the air. The green wall will absorb the dust and the plants diffuse oxygen, while even unpleasant odors are neutralized. The leaves ‘eat’ about 40% – 60% of the fine dust. The coarser parts of dust will end up on the leaves and eventually at the soil and finally digest.

In short: the leaves filter ultra-particles, microbes, odors and other air pollution out of the room which makes it a more healthier space for its residents. Robert has applied the green wall in several projects and all were well received. The picture below is taken at the Interior Biennale at Kortrijk and got a lot of attention. A six-meter high green wall graced the wall and made us definitely one of the greenest stands. Besides the attention it generates it has more benefits than just clean indoor air. Plants are sound absorbing and there’re plants to increase humidity as well. Unlike conventional techniques, with filters and air cleaning systems that must be replaced, a green wall is an eco-solution for better air conditions. A true eco addition to chic interiors.

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