Interior, Biennale 2012, Kortrijk

From the 20th until the 28th of October we were presented at the successful Interior Biennale 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium. At this high-end fair different interior related brands and design companies were showing their collection. This trade show highlights all fields in the interior design from different angles, which makes a visit a unique experience.

The admission for designers to build a stand at the fair is getting tougher each year and it was a real bless that our concept assigned its 180 square meter. Together with our partners we build one of the biggest stands and soon the rumor spread. People pass by, stood still and didn’t leave any more. Our complete Eco Chic interior, the friendly and welcoming ambiance and the positive reaction of the visitors made this fair very successful.

It was great to talk to the visitors and explain our concept Eco Chic. Our partners were also represented and could tell more about the details of their product: the green wall, leather tiles at the chimney, an amazing relaxation spa, and much more. At this link you will find the brochure of the fair and more detailed information about our partners:

Our stand translated natural materials, a healthier living and greener solutions into a remarkable and tasteful interior of a modern villa. For the first time we could exhibit our furniture, the luxury sofa Proud and our fauteuil Rise: a comfortable wingback chair. Many visitors settled down and enjoyed our comfortable seating for a while until they were reloaded with relaxation and could continue their journey to another stand.

Kolenik specially designed the kitchen for Van Boven and custom made for the fair. Its tabletop was made of mountain quarts with LED insight and a stunning eye catcher. Underneath the tabletop a lychee tree trunk with roots supports its weight functioning as eco solution for four new table legs. Icing on the cake was wine specialist Delicia serving ecological wines and cava from Spain.

What’s more chic than taking a shower while standing on thousands of years of natural evolution? We found two slices of petrified wood in perfect shape, black colored with a gemstone hole in the middle; that’s what we call an eco-chic drain. These stones will last for another thousands years and will adorn many interiors after surviving time.